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The Pre Wiki Primer for Object Oriented Programming (OOP)

Disclaimer: This article intends to be a primer so that you may gain insight in order to understand beginner OOP articles better (for example on wikipedia). In order to grasp more abstract concepts, suspend as much logic as you would when watching Star Trek. Message not sponsored by anyone I know. Some neurons dissipated during… Read More »

Code Cadet Outit

I’ve always wanted a dev tech outfit for myself. Imposter syndrome aside, coding is a lifestyle. A lifestyle where you sit for long periods of time and it’s really irritating to pull up your pants so that they don’t scrunch at your knees when you sit down 🙂 I wanted to make it official, nothing… Read More »

Ml5.js #machinelearning library for newbies

Introduction I’m glad there are machine learning implementations in JavaScript. Abstracts a lot of the complexities associated with training & using machine learning models. I just hope ml5.js doesn’t become obsolete tomorrow or the next month! Python has been the modern de-facto language for #machinelearning. And there are tons of python libraries to implement machine… Read More »

Stream video with getUserMedia()

Request the user to start their webcam stream var video= document.querySelector(“#videoElement”); if(navigator.mediaDevices.getUserMedia){ navigator.mediaDevices.getUserMedia({ video: true }) .then(function (stream) { video.srcObject = stream; }) .catch(function (error) { console.log(“Error streaming”); }); } Using the getUserMedia() API which allows you to access a user’s camera and mic without any plugins Streams have inputs (video) and outputs (video) The… Read More »