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What is coding ? Punjab Series


Let’s JavaScript in conjunction with E- Sahukar (Crowd funding venture) is set out to visit college campuses across Punjab. Starting off with Thapar University, followed by IET. Bhaddal and more to follow. A full schedule will be up soon.

The focus of the series will be:

Technology & Entrepreneurship : Your Passport to the World.


Taking into consideration that the largest diaspora of Sikhs and other punjabis is outside of India, immigration to Canada, is the most widely searched term on Google .  As industrious as Punjabis are, unfortunately the number of jobs in Punjab are limited. Which is an impetus for immigration mainly to Canada, America and the UK.

However, the only jobs for immigrants to new countries tend to be unskilled labor jobs (coffee shops, factories etc).  Immigrants to these countries must get their degrees certified which can take a few weeks. After which  they must (in a majority of cases) upgrade their degree credits by enrolling in a local university.


The Let’s JavaScript Workshops will introduce you to the VAST and amazing opportunities available to you, when you have a real skill like coding.

The skills you learn in the workshops are  transportable .  All you’ll need is your laptop and a wifi connection  📶

Web development as a profession is relatively young, considering that the Internet only become to be widely used in the 1990s  by consumers. So there  are lots of opportunities that exist and can be created.