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Code Cadet Outit

I’ve always wanted a dev tech outfit for myself. Imposter syndrome aside, coding is a lifestyle. A lifestyle where you sit for long periods of time and it’s really irritating to pull up your pants so that they don’t scrunch at your knees when you sit down 🙂 I wanted to make it official, nothing… Read More »

forEach( ), sort( ) and filter( ) for newbies

forEach() ES6 has introduced the forEach() method which allows you to loop through an array. Arrays as you may already know are of the type ‘object’. In contrast to the string,number,boolean, undefined and symbol types which are primitive data types. For example if we console.log the typeof operator to find the typeof array, objectwill be… Read More »

Header files

“Header files, or .h files, allow related function, method, and class declarations to be collected in one place.”. This is useful as you can group together specific functionality and then export and use it at another place/file to be used by another program. There are 2 file extensions that we deal with “.h” and “.cpp”. The header… Read More »

Vectors in C++

Vectors are containers containing values of the same data type. I like to think of them like arrays. Vectors can resize automatically when an element is inserted or deleted . Since C++ is pretty close to hardware, vector elements are placed in adjacent storage so that they can travel across. Like arrays in JS, vector… Read More »