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I create, code and write. Previous experience includes full stack JavaScript development at mid sized enterprises building new features and fixing old ones. Currently creating games and VR/AR prototypes for startups. Have also worked as a coding Bootcamp instructor and content creator previously with Cultivating Coders, Code Youth, Skills Union,  Sitepoint,  Recap Brunei. Over 30,000 students taught since 2014 (online + offline). Please note that all my content on this blog, Youtube and anywhere else unless specified is copyrighted and the intellectual property of Let’s JavaScript! Corp.


Callstack in JavaScriptJavaScript
February 3, 2022

What Is The Callstack: A Gentle Introduction

What is the call stack? An understanding of the callstack will allow you to understand how execution order in JavaScript works. JavaScript is a single-threaded language; this means that it…
var, let and const hoisting in JavaScriptJavaScript
February 1, 2022

Hoisting in JavaScript – a complete guide

Let's delve into hoisting in JavaScript! During compilation, microseconds before code is executed, variable and function declarations are “hoisted” i.e. they are added to memory inside a data structure called…
4 different types of scope in JavaScript: local global block lexcicalJavaScriptWeb Dev
January 24, 2022

Scope in JavaScript & the 4 different types scope – Part 1

The word “scope” itself means “extent “or “range” to which a subject matter is limited to. In context to coding this means, that whether you can use a variable or…


Unity editorUnity3D
January 1, 2022

Unity Editor Basics #10: Tool bar: Move tool ➡️

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lmHr6K-Hr6M ➡️ The move tool allows you to move a game object around in the scene ➡️ The move tool allows you to move a game object around in the…
Hand toolUnity3D
December 4, 2021

Unity Editor Basics #9: Tool bar: Hand tool ✋

https://youtu.be/02Voez4GIe4 ✋ The hand tool allows you to pan/move around the scene with the mouse without moving or shifting any game object ✋The keyboard shortcut is: Q ✋ This is…

Virtual reality

Color picker demo in VRVR & AR
October 1, 2021

Color picker in Virtual Reality. Made with Unity for Oculus Quest 1, 2

Virtual RealityVR & AR
January 15, 2021

VR Lesson #3: Grab items in VR with hands

The last tutorial focused on grabbing items in virtual reality using the raycaster with Unity3D's new input system. In this tutorial we go over using hands prefab to grab objects…


November 29, 2019 in Apps, JavaScript, Resources, VR & AR

Browser Snapchat Clone

Not sure why I never updated my blog with that but last summer I coded a browser based SnapChat clone. Oh! so much fun. It's been coded by using JavaScript…
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September 8, 2019 in Apps, Node Newbs, Resources, Web Dev

Sweet & Sour mongoose.js methods – 1

I've been using Mongoose (ODM library for MongoDB) quite a bit for the authentication project. NoSQL databases like MongoDB do seem more flexible for web apps which depend quite a…
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