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Unity Editor Basics #8: Menu bar: Help🟢

Untitled ProjectUnity Editor Basics #8: Menu bar: Help🟢

🟢The menu bar is right below the title bar

🟢Has all these menu options: File, Edit, Assets, GameObject, Component, Window and Help

🟢From the Help drop-down menu you can pull up the Unity User Manual or the Unity Scripting Reference

🟢There are other help options to check out the official Unity forum, Unity answers to get a specific question answered or look up older question-answers

🟢You can also check for Updates, look at the current Software licenses being used and manage the current software license for your version of Unity

🟢Additionally you can also give Unity feedback and report a bug

🟢Premium Expert Help is a new service by Unity and is in its Beta version so they’re still testing and making it better. This allows you to reach out to a Unity expert and get help

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