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Unity Editor Basics #1: Title bar 📜

By February 19, 2021No Comments
How it all fits in
Unity Editor
Unity Editor
📜Title bar is right at the top and displays info about the application and your project
📜Logo (Unity) → Click → Context menu (which allows you to restore, minimize, maximize etc). You can do the same with the buttons on the far right
📜Your project name
📜The name of the scene which is currently open (game level, film scene, splash scene, welcome scene etc)
📜Build platform: Currently building for PC, Mac, Linux but also builds for android, ios, xbox etc. So when you build your PC project you will get an executable project If you build for the Oculus you will get a .apk file. Project → Product
📜Unity version
📜Type of license
📜Graphics processing API (DirectX 11 graphics API) used by the GPU

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