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Unity Editor Basics #4: Menu bar: Assets🧱

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🧱The Menu bar is right below the title bar and let’s check out the Assets option

🧱Has all these menu options: File, Edit, Assets, GameObject, Component, Window and Help

🧱The Assets option is concerned with all these options that we see in the dropdown menu

🧱 The first option is “Create” which allows us to create a new script, scene, folder, material etc

🧱 We can also perform the same actions when we right click in the project folder and navigate to the Create option

🧱 If we click on Show in Explorer it will show us the assets folder in the windows file explorer

🧱 We can also open and delete scenes, and individual folders present here in the project window

🧱 Clicking on Copy path will copy the path to the current folder that we’re in

🧱 If we click on Import new assets we can import audio files, 3D models, fonts and other assets for us to use in our game. Let’s try it out

🧱We can import a package into Unity and we can also export our game as a package with these 2 options

🧱 According to the official Unity documentation: Packages are collections of files and data from Unity projects, or elements of projects, which are compressed and stored in one file, similar to Zip files.

🧱Reimport and Reimport all will import all the packages to your project folder again

🧱 The open C# project option will allow you to open a new C# project or file

🧱 The most common options that you will use are the Import New Asset, Export package and import package

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