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Unity Editor Basics #7: Menu bar: Window🖼️

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🖼️The bar is right below the title bar
🖼️Has all these menu options: File, Edit, Assets, GameObject, Component, Window and Help
🖼️The Panels option will allow you to view these panels which are normally displayed in the Game editor for example Project, Hierarchy, Scene, Game windows, The Asset Store p
🖼️You can also change the layout of the Unity editor to display as many panels as you want, so basically you can customize the way the Unity editor looks
🖼️We have the Collaborate option here which opens up here on the right side and will allow you to Collaborate using something called Unity Collab
🖼️Plastic SCM is a full version control stack integrated with Unity
🖼️Package manager option will open up the package manager window from where you can add and remove packages
🖼️Asset management – version control allows you to manage the different assets in your project vi version control
🖼️TextMesh Pro is an easy-to-use system for high-quality text. It has many text appearance and formatting options. So from here you can create fonts, import sprites for 2D games, import other tools from textmesh pro
🖼️ General option will allow you to see windows like Inspector, Scene, Console etc. You can see all of these anyways in the Unity editor’s default configuration
🖼️ Rendering has all these different windows that will open up for you to adjust the Lightning, Occlusion Culling and Light Explorer.
Occlusion Culling is a feature that disables rendering of objects when they are not currently seen by the camera
because they are obscured (occluded) by other objects. … Occlusion culling removes additional objects from within the camera rendering work if they are entirely obscured by nearer objects.
The Light Explorer Window lets you see every Light in your Scene
🖼️ Animation option will allow you to open different windows associated with creating and editing animations in your game
🖼️Same for Audio, it will open up an Audio mixed window
🖼️ Then we have Sequencing, Analysis, AI and Toolkit options which all let you open up windows. 🖼️Sequencing option will open up a timeline window which lets you make cinematic sequences.
🖼️The Navigation window will allow you to open and manage any NavMeshes you have in your game for AI patrolling.
🖼️The Analysis option lets you analyse your game. When you make an application in Unity, it’s important that you analyze and debug it to make sure that it runs correctly on the target device. The Frame Debugger lets you freeze playback for a running game on a particular frame and view the individual draw calls that are used to render that frame. The physics debuggers allows you to inspect colliders and physics in your game. The Unity Profiler is a tool you can use to get performance information about your application.
🖼️ The UI Toolkit option allows you to access collection of features, functionality, resources and tools for developing user interfaces (UI).

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