It all began with an idea

The heart of Santa Monica is where Britni found her purpose, and BB Lash Boutique was born. The mission was simple, change the LA lash industry.

 A Seattle native, Britni came to California with over 9 years in the beauty industry, ready to start a new chapter personally and professionally. While juggling multiple jobs at various high-end lash studios, it became apparent that an accessible and affordable lash studio simply didn’t exist. Quality was low, and prices were inflated alongside a lackluster approach to customer service. In this realization, she found her purpose, and BB Lash Boutique came to exist, so she could shake up the lash industry.

 The driving factor for starting her own business was an experience. Britni loved walking into a business and feeling embraced as a regular but friend. It was this core principle, along with creating trust in her technicians both in the application and lash health, that set Britni Bionca apart immediately. At the boutique, Britni required consistency of lash application among her staff. To ensure the highest level of service, no matter who worked on your lashes. Exemplary customer service at the boutique is unparalleled.

Her goal has remained the same since the moment she opened her doors. She wants you to come in feeling good and leave feeling like your most beautiful self. She loves what she does and can’t wait to meet you!