Booking & Cancellation Policy

PLEASE NOTE: We do not accept texts for any cancellations. If you need to discuss anything related to your appointment, please call 310-980-6330.

We want to provide our clients with the same level of superior service consistently. When other clients are late for their scheduled appointment, it affects the experience that we can provide to others.

  • All appointments must be held with a credit card. You can securely do this through the booking app. If there is no card on file, your date is not confirmed.

  • To maintain your privacy, we recommend booking through the app.

  • You are given a 15-minute window from the start time of your appointment; any time beyond 15 minutes will be charged full price for the service as your cancellation fee for the scheduled service.

  •  No shows are charged full price.

  • Last-minute reschedules are charged half the service price.

  • Any declined payments must be rectified before you leave the salon.

  • No double bookings are approved within the same week.

  • Makeup needs to be removed/cleaned before service, or there will be a $10 cleaning fee.

Lash Fill Policy

You have three days from your last completed service to report retention issues. If you see excessive shedding within the first three days of your application, contact us immediately.

Outside/Extended Lash Services

You will be canceled and rebooked as a full set if you fall in the criteria below:

  • Lash services that were done by an outside salon or stylist 

  • Fills that are done by an outside salon

  • Fills beyond four weeks

  • We do not guarantee fills on services that you have had performed at another salon.

Lash Fill Cycle

The average time between touch-ups in this area is two to three weeks. 

 The main determining factors are: 

1) how fast your lashes grow and shed, and

2) how well you maintain your extensions.  

Therefore, we recommend that you stay on top of your fills within this time frame.

Lash Care & Products

We pride ourselves on providing damaged free, beautiful looking lashes. We want to ensure you are getting the most out of your lashes, so you must use the appropriate products to ensure your lashes last in between fills. Ask your stylist about our recommended products.

Some important things to note: the natural growth cycle of an eyelash is thirty to sixty days. As your natural lashes shed, so will your extensions. Please be mindful of your extensions (no pulling, excessive eye rubbing, etc.).

That being said, eyelash extensions can last indefinitely with careful maintenance and consistent refill appointments.

Refer to the After Care instructions to understand how to maintain lashes.

 Returns & Refunds

There are no returns or refunds once services are rendered. 

If you have a concern about services or products, please contact the stylist immediately to rectify your issue.

Liability Waiver Policy

All waivers must be signed before the service; if the waiver is not signed, we will not move forward with the service.

Execution and payment of any services by BB Lash Boutique means that you understand and agree to the policies of BB Lash.