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Brain-Computer Interfaces: The Crown by Neurosity

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Brain-Computer Interfaces: The Crown by Neurosity

What is the Neurosity EEG device

I recently got a wearable EEG device called the Crown from a company called Neurosity. The device measures brain waves which are electrical impulses in the brain. So since the brain is highly plastic (which means it can adapt) and the neurons are highly interconnected and generate these electrochemical impulses called brainwaves, I thought it would be interesting to measure my own brain waves primarily while meditating and learning.

EEG isn’t anything new and is used to diagnose and regulate conditions such as epilepsy, head injuries and sleep disorders. However,  consumer grade wearable EEG devices such as the Neurosity are new. The efficacy of the Neurosity Crown device really depends on how well the electrodes are fixed to your scalp. So if you’re moving around a lot, then that will interfere with the EEG recordings. I found it it a bit hard to make the Crown stick when my hair got oily, so best to make sure that it is firmly placed on your head and you’re not moving your head around too much.

Electrical impulses are how signals in the brain are relayed to different parts of the brain and the body. The Sodium Pottasium ion channel is responsible for opening gates for neurotransmitters once an electrical


Why the interest?

You can essentially train your brain to maintain a particular state for longer or more frequently than another state. For example

Neurosity for developers

I choose the Crown over other wearable devices like the Muse because I also want to be able to log the results and then kind of build a neuro-app (AKA web application but neuro app sounds more exciting).  Neurosity has an SDK which you can use to build your own apps. For example:

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