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Hello world! Making a Neurosity App🧠🐱‍💻

By January 23, 2022No Comments

So I decided to try out the hello world example over at Neurosity here It was easy to setup and get moving along on the console. I am now working on mini app which involves DOM changes. This means emitting data from the server to the frontend to induce some DOM changes. Then it’s pure DOM fun!💫

Neurosity is BCI (Brain Computer Interface). A BCI is a:

A brain computer interface (BCI) is a system that determines functional intent – the desire to change, move, control, or interact with something in your environment – directly from your brain activity.
In this small node app, the calm probability score has to be greater than 0.1 in order to see a message logged to the console. The docs use a probability score > 0.3  but for testing purposes I used a lower value. According to their API:

Constantly fires and predicts user’s calm level from passive cognitive state. Calm is a probability from 0.0 to 1.0. To get calm over 0.3 is significant

So after you instantiate/make an instance of a Notion app, and connect your Neurosity account you’re ready to set using the API . There are different Interfaces/APIs that you can use besides calm, for example Kinesis, Brain Waves, Focus, Predictions API and more. After trying this out, I figured that it would be nice to induce some changes in DOM depending on what the calm probability score is. That’s another project for another post – but all in all I used web sockets to pass real time second by second data to the front end.

Neurosity has an active Discord channel incase you get stuck! Their documentation and knowldege base can be found here

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