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JOYG: Part 1 Making a virtual reality game in #unrealengine4

By November 5, 2019No Comments


Game development & design at first is more about knowing a game engine than it is  about coding.

Video of game  here:

VR development at 1st is more about getting to know a game engine (example UE4) than it is about coding solely.

Today I finished designing/grey-boxing the game world for “JOYG” , a  FPS game that I’m  making. BTW  the name  “JOYG”  is  a play on the word  PUBG 😀.

The game world is meant to be a run down industrial area/city. So the buildings  have  thick and uneven walls,  tunnels as  connectors and steam permeating the scene!

The greyboxing stage of a game consists of building the world/city/level.  In this stage we’re only dealing with solid geometric shapes and carving out the basic  shapes in the game world for example:  room, walls, tunnels, doors  etc.  So  like web development  we’re dealing with HTML5 structure with  little to no CSS3 (styles).



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