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Shady run by “IIT” coding bootcamps

By February 9, 2021No Comments
McLaren College

I wanted to write about this earlier but didn’t get the time. Last year McLaren College had put a posting on Upwork for a JavaScript instructor so I applied.

Long story short their “technical exam” consisted of questions copy pasted off questions copy-pasted off

For example the 1st and 3rd are Java/C++ questions taken from You can literally copy paste the questions in google and they can be found verbatim.

JavaScript is a totally different language than Java and I wish bogus bootcamps would fix up. I mean yeh sure the person who’s making these tests might have gone to IIT, but it’s pretty shady to copy paste Java questions which are heavy on OOP and make them into JavaScript questions especially since JavaScript is a language of the web and though supports OOP and functional programming paradigms isn’t meant to be compared or replaced with Java.

I couldn’t be bothered to reply to them.

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