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Gitting to Git

By May 27, 2015December 25th, 2015No Comments

I recently finished up Introduction to Git which is a Git course on Learnable. It’s a 2 hour project based course that takes you from knowing NO Git to working with Git locally on your computer and on Github as a means of version control.  The course has 9 core project lessons and an introductory and conclusion lesson as well.

The chunk of the course is the project, which is anchored around Git theory. And is structured around learning and then practicing those concepts with Git commands.

So for example you learn how Git records changes, or a set of changes by moving it across the 3 parts of  a Git project (any project that you’re currently working on and have decided to incorporate Git). After which you move the changes across the 3 parts of the Git project by using Git commands.

The lesson screencasts  aren’t too long. On average they’re between 1-8 minutes long. So you learn, practice and reinforce within a short period of time so that the learning is focused, without having to keep facts and git commands in mind to practice at a later time.

Towards the end the course takes you to putting up your work on a Github page via a github pages branch. This is pretty useful as you can host your projects for free on And then as you keep making recursive changes to your project you can simply push those changes to the5C2 github pages branch therefore, overwriting the previous version of your work.

I had alot of fun structuring, organizing and making the course, and I really enjoyed integrating a bit of meta-learning into it (i.e. learning how to learn) with the project part of the course. Obviously it wouldn’t have come together without the content manager and team at Learnable, that did such a super job of presenting the course and giving me really valuable feedback.

There are some sample lessons here

There is also a sample lesson in the promo here:

And here are the lesson chapters:



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