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Stuff to learn & do in 2018

By February 11, 2018No Comments

This comes a month late for 2018 but just in time for 2019!  Straight off the bat here is my list for stuff I’ll be diving into this year:


  1. vue.js: More stars than react.js on github and much easier to pick up
  2. VR:  A-Frame which  according to their website is “A web framework for building virtual reality experiences”. I’m waiting to see if Magic Leap delivers this year
  3. Phoenix: A framework developed by a team at Microsoft
  4. Affiliate marketing: I’ve been avoiding this for a while but I can now see how I need to know it!
  5. Candlesticks: since I trade a bit of crypto



  1. Make 3 intermediate courses on intermediate JavaScript:  One year and counting and the beginner projects are holding up pretty nicely. With only 2 questions asked about the courses and 1 correction made. So this year I’ll be making 3 courses on intermediate JavaScript topics (objects, anonymous functions, closures etc). These will be :
  •  Code  a recipe app in JavaScript. A vanilla JavaScript app
  •  Social Media Freak: a social media analytics dashboard. Once again all JS
  • Bullet Journal with stickers:  A neat bullet journal app

2. A Micro full-stack project course: topic undecided!






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