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The Learn How to Code Planner

By February 8, 2020No Comments
Code Planner
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ps: If you just want to download, go here: Learning how to code can be overwhelming! Often learners confuse a curriculum with a plan to learn coding.
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A curriculum is a list of topics on a particular subject for example JavaScript or python. Whereas, a planning involves the steps including the time and energy commitments to finish the curriculum.

Common problematic pattern

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  1. As I teach students/learners I see a common pattern of wanting to complete topics x, y or z and then make something.
  2. Or students who want to build a project but are really disorganized and have no plan on how to go about it, with limited knowledge and skills. They get overwhelmed with the amount of resources they need to go through to complete a particular task within limited time.
So I decided to publish what I use to complete projects consistently while still picking up new technologies. ☀️

Better planning for better learning

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Planning is important for learning any skill. It is not enough to jump into conditionals, loops, arrays etc and understand them. Meaningful learning comes from a place of knowing where you’re going and how you’re going to reach there. It is a journey/process. Nobody can validate the end result better than you after having gone through the process BEFORE you get a job or paid for your skills in some way. In which case, money is pretty good validation! 💵

How the planner works

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Learn by Deconstruction ⚔️

You first list out all the features and technologies of your app. And then you deconstruct each feature. By forcing you to deconstruct each step or feature of your app, a concrete plan starts to take form.


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