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Transparent Non Bootstrappy – Twitter – Bootstrap Navbar

By March 17, 2015December 29th, 2015No Comments


I did some breaking and re-making of twitter bootstrap’s navbar. I love how convenient everything in twitter bootstrap is with all the pre-defined classes etc but it does take some time to customize bootstrap components and make them a little less bootstrappy….

[codepen_embed height=”568″ theme_id=”21518″ slug_hash=”WrxqVE” default_tab=”result” user=”Kauress”]See the Pen <a href=’’>Transparent Twitter Bootstrap NavBar</a> by Kauress (<a href=’’>@Kauress</a>) on <a href=’’>CodePen</a>.[/codepen_embed]
Here’s the HTML for and Css for the navbar which you can see finished @ Or you can have a look at the Github repo



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