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VR Dev w/ me: Part 1

By December 30, 2019No Comments

1. Setting up a Unity 3D for Vr with Oculus Quest

This series documents my current VR Ed Game and also outlines steps for making your own VR games. The game I’m making uses Unity 3D gaming engine and the Oculus Quest as the main headset/platform for viewing the game.

2. Instructions (Part 1)

Download Unity Hub

1. Download Unity Hub at:

Download Unity 3D engine

Open Unity hub and download Unity3d Engine through the hub. Download the latest LTS release (Long Term Stable Release).
Choose a built
Add modules:
  1. Android Built Support ( Oculus quest is an Android device. )
  2. Documentation
Checkmark Android Build Support
Checkmark Documentation
Checkmark Agreement

2. Instructions (Part 2)

  1. Making a new Unity Project
2. Set up your newly created project for VR

Instructions (Part 3)

Setting up your project

Instructions (Part 4)

Link your Unity3D project to an Oculus application

Instructions (Part 5)

Configure Build Settings

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