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#VR FOR NEWBIES : Lesson 1

By May 12, 2020June 15th, 2020No Comments
Virtual Reality


Super excited to be starting a new series on VR for Newbies. This series will be aimed at Newbies! There world of VR dev right now is a bit scattered and information not consistent as VR headsets aren’t standardized.  This series will be for ABSOLUTE newbies in order to break the barrier into VR by presenting information in a more cohesive and organized way.


This series will be focusing on getting started with VR development using the Oculus quest headset and Unity3D gaming engine


  1. Oculus Quest headset
  2. Oculus link cable,  The link cable will allow you to tether the Oculus Quest to the PC
  3. Gaming PC

A gaming PC is optimal for VR and game development. If you’d like to see how I built mine check this post out


  1. Unity3D Gaming engine


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